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Providing software and hardware sales tools to Manufacturers since 1978
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аA Sales Team needs to be in constant contact with its home base.а It needs immediate access to updated pricing, configurations, and customer options.а Moreover, it needs linkage to a library of tools that can enable it to build a proposal, do a cost/benefit analysis and close a deal onsite, in minutes, rather than days.

Bancroft Group was organized to become the sales force's wizard when they are with customers or just prospecting.а Thousands of successful installations have made us the company we are today.

This website is for informational purposes only.а We do not market our services through the internet, rather directly to you - our client.а Weаdo want you to know how to get in touch with us, however, andаone basic fact about us.а Everything we sell is uniquely configured to fit into your environment, whether its large or small.