Bancroft Group
Providing software and hardware sales tools to Manufacturers since 1978
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Company Principals:аа

Henry Tinsett, presidentаand founder.а Tinsett has been a leading inventor in the technology industry, creating the initial database products with the founders of Oracle.а Founding Bancroft in 1980, he has taken the company private in 2001.

John Thomas, VP Sales.а Thomas has been head of sales at several major institutes, including Lehman Brothers, Digital Equipment and Prime Computer.а Thomas joined Bancroft in 2003 after selling his company, Thomas Software and Support.

Mary O'Rourke, VP Services.а O'Rourke joined the company in 2000 after a successful 20 year carrer as an managing partner with KPMG.

Leon Tedeski, Chairman.а As a significant investment partner, Tedeski brings his experience and creativity as an industry inventor to the company.а Holder of 34 patents, Tedeski licenses many of his technologies to the group to enhance its product drive.